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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to grow strawberries in a narrow area

Utilizing a narrow area is a good way to earn additional income. As farmers in the area Ciwidey do not have enough land area to develop their business and they only have a narrow area. Nevertheless they always sought to have the income to support his family. This is the way that made ​​them to grow strawberries in a narrow area:

1. Narrow area in the clean grass and made ​​a bookmark for easier storing plastic bags.

2. Previously, plastic sacks filled with soil and organic fertilizers in moderation. This is used to plant strawberry seedlings to grow well.

3. Plastic sacks are prepared in line and are spaced for ease in maintenance.

4. Perform maintenance on well, like pulling weeds that grow around a plastic bag and periodically provide organic fertilizer for strawberries grow well and produce much fruit.

5. If the fruit much it will increase revenue for them.

Hopefully this information can be useful for those who need it. More information came to our place (Kampung Panundaan Rt 01 Rw 05 Sub Ciwidey Bandung regency, or call us at +6222 85920070)