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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is Strawberry

Fruit shape is like a heart with light red color. Therefore very fitting as a symbol of the goddess of love. Fruit that have been planted since the 13th century has a sweet taste, which is full of fresh vitamins and minerals. What are ya properties for the body?

Scented Fragrant: Latin name of this fruit is a symbol of love Fragaria. The name was associated with 'fragrance'atau' aroma '. While the name itself supposedly related strawberry 'straw' aka straw used to cover strawberries. Uniquely strawberry seeds are on the outside of the fruit in the form of very small that makes the fruit become more solid appearance. Strawberry fruit aroma is very fragrant, sweet fruit as well as fresh because it is very popular.

Rich Type: Strawberry fruit ditanama in various regions of the world originated from wild berries. If Awalanya type less than 10 species, now thanks to the development of food technology into hundreds of types of strawberries. Almost every region has different types. Similarly, the type of strawberry grown in Indonesia, there is coming from Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Form there is a small red fruit, small and rather pale to type a large sweet red lights.

Choosing: When buying strawberries, you should buy taste. Because this fruit is not durable, quick foul and hostile to the water. If will be stored 1-2 days, make sure the strawberries in containers no one was rotten, strawberry fruit rot easily infect others. Place the containers and store in refrigerator. Choose fruits that are the same size, intact and orange red color as a sign of already cooked evenly. Strawberry red lights usually taste sweeter.

Preparations: Before processing, wash strawberries until late into the feces. Wipe or enter in the spinner until the water attached to the fruit really annoys. If to be eaten fresh, strawberries can be eaten with yoghurt, chocolate, ice cream or a sauce given a taste of sugar. If not for too long will be processed by heating the easy lonyot or mushy strawberries. If crushed, do not forget to strain before mixed with other ingredients because the seeds are many very disturbing when eaten.

Benefits: Sweet taste of fresh strawberries were huge benefits for the body. The content of vitamins A, C, B, Calcium, Phosphate, and Magnesium that is large enough to meet the needs of the body. For example, the vitamin content of 56,700 mg per 100 grams of strawberries makes this fruit is very good as an antioxidant, as well as inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the body. While a low fat content, low cholesterol and high fiber is very suitable to make strawberry consumed by those suffering from diabetes or wanting to lose weight