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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strawberry Powerful Preventing Flu

Ciwidey is a place where the strawberry plants can grow well and we place a strawberry fruit with good selling points. Ciwidey area located in South Bandung which is also an object of tourism area, one of whom own Strawberry picking.

Ciwidey currently unforeseen bad weather, could be a major cause of influenza. The attack disrupted the flu can make work. To strengthen the immune system, it helps to multiply eating sour fruit that is fresh and beautiful!
Fresh strawberries are now easily available in the market until the street vendors. Beautiful orange red colored with a sexy, this fruit is much liked. The color is beautiful, fragrant aroma and taste of fresh acid is widely used to make strawberry cake, ice cream and a tempting dessert dish. Strawberry did have a myriad of benefits.

Plants are named latin Fragaria chiloensis L. can be found in almost every country. Strawberry not only can be eaten directly, but also can be used as an ornamental cake or ingredients to make drinks. Because of the content of anthocyanin pigments as well as high antioxidant. And the strawberry has a beautiful red color and refreshing taste.

Except that this sex symbol fruit also contains high antioxidant. Therefore able mencegahkan heart disease, cancer, and inhibits premature aging. In addition, antioxidants also served to increase the immune system. The body becomes more resistant to the onslaught of the flu virus and other viruses.
Strawberry is a typical fresh scented is also rich in this kalium.Mineral helps regulate electrolytes in the body, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It also contains folate, the main ingredient in the production of red blood cells.

Not a few people know the benefits of both strawberries to whiten teeth, because the acid contained in fruit, helps remove stains on teeth. Because vitamin C is high enough, this fruit can fight some forms of cancer and also help fight bad cholesterol.

Studies show the strawberry, the fruit is good for the diet, since fat-free. One cup of strawberries contains 0.6 mg of fat. Strawberry also can suppress appetite. If you like at breakfast, eat a strawberry with the addition of cereal to get enough energy throughout the day.