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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Savor Strawberry

The shape is unique, just like a heart shape. The color of its fruit is ripe red too tempting. And it, extraordinary sweet and fresh, if you are lucky to get a high quality.

The price is relatively expensive to make strawberry into fruit favored elite. Is that why strawberry is the fruit of love?
Apparently not. In ancient Greece, the fruit of this one officially appointed as a symbol of the goddess of love because of its presence inside and out.
The beauty of love when it is symbolized by the color, flavor, and the permissibility of this fruit. Since then the fruit is to be famous.

Strawberry is a fruit of a herbaceous plant which on average has 200 tiny seeds per fruit. There are 700 different types of strawberries. One type of the species named Fragaria chiloensis L. This type of spread to various American countries,

Europe and Asia. Other species of F. vesca L. This one is more widespread than other species. This type of strawberry is also the first time you log
to Indonesia. The red color in ripe strawberries are very reasonable. The red color is caused because the fruit is rich in anthocyanin pigment color and contains high antioxidants. Heard the word antioxidant, you must already know that it means very much usefulness. And you are right! Strawberry fruit keep nutrients extraordinary. In addition to these antioxidants, it is also rich in fiber, low calorie, and contain vitamin C, folate, potassium, and
ellagic acid.

Want to know the efficacy of strawberries?

1. Strawberry able to shrink the level of cholesterol.
2. Strawberry could help cripple the active work because of cancer
ellagic acid that contains it.
3. Strawberry is able to reduce symptoms of stroke.
4. Strawberry contains an anti-allergic and anti-inflammation.
5. Concentrations of seven antioxidants in strawberry that is higher than other fruits or vegetables, so the strawberry is a fruit that effectively prevents the oxidation process in the body (Oxidation is the destruction of body tissues by free radicals. Oxidation is also responsible for the process
6. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C is very beneficial for growing children.
7. Strawberry is just a little sugar is also suitable for a diet for people with diabetes.
8. Strawberries are eaten regularly can smooth the skin and make skin color look brighter and cleaner. Other notable properties that are anti-wrinkle!
9. Strawberry can whiten or clean the tooth surface.
10. Strawberry effective against rheumatism and arthritis.
11. Strawberry leaves are also nutritious because it has the astringent substances.
Three to four cups of boiling water results strawberry leaves per day, can effectively stop an attack of diarrhea.
12. Adult requirement of vitamin C per day can be satisfied by 8 strawberry (98 mg). Also at the same bias fiber needs are met.

Savor-side properties are also still widely available in this fruit.
For health, strawberries are best eaten fresh, either whole or created juice. Usefulness if it is made jam or part of processed foods, will be greatly reduced. Because of that, try eating fresh strawberries.

Be careful to keep this fruit, since strawberries have started to decay can spread very quickly to the other strawberry stored together. Strawberry can hold 4 days in the fridge.

But in the freezer, this fruit can last for 1 month by way of proper storage. Arrange strawberries in one-one separately, then freeze. Once frozen, flush with water and put in plastic, then freeze again. How to store like this is suitable for making juice.

With so many uses strawberries, rest assured that it is suitable fruit called fruit of love. Fruit can be a loving gift from you to your own body's health.